iMAGICATION.PRO - The Premium Production Music Library.

Composed and produced by Christian Kutschka

iMAGICATION.PRO – Premium Production Music

Here you will find high-quality composed and produced orchestral and hybrid music for TV, film, commercials and documentaries for professionals.

iMAGICATION.PRO - Premium Production Music

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iMAGICATION.PRO - Premium Production Music

With a free iMAGICATION.PRO membership you can browse the music library and license music for your project.



iMAGICATION.PRO - Premium Production Music

iMAGICATION.PRO is a music licensing platform for the media and TV, film and advertising industry.

On iMAGICATION.PRO you will find high-quality orchestral and hybrid music composed and produced by Christian Kutschka and published by Covesco Music Publishing

More about Production Music

iMAGICATION.PRO - Premium Production Musicc

iMAGICATION.PRO – Premium Production Music

Production Music is pre-produced music for the media, film, TV and advertising industries. The works are sorted by category and keywords and can be searched for and licensed to suit your own project.

Production Music is not composed and produced exclusively for one media project, but can be used several times by different license partners.


iMAGICATION.PRO - Premium Production Music

On iMAGICATION.PRO, music tracks can be licensed individually or via a subscription. Before you can search for and license music tracks, you must register for the free basic membership.

What are the license fees?

Our license model is simple and clear. One license price for one track. There is also a surcharge for the planned region used. The period of use is unlimited. German public broadcasters pay via the GEMA framework agreement.
We plan to offer a subscription. This will include a certain number of licenses per subscription period.

Current Information: The Database of iMAGICATION.PRO will be filled step by step with Music in the coming weeks and months.

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