Easy Licensing with iMAGICATION.PRO

Easy, No Confusing One Stop Licensing of Pro.Music

One Price

One Price for each Track per production. You just select the region of use.

Unlimited Term

The term of the license is unlimited for the licensed production.

All Media

Usage in all media is included in the license.

All Rights

The right to synchronize and use the recordings in TV, film, advertising and documentaries is included in the license. * Exceptions apply to broadcasters that have a framework agreement with GEMA or another collecting society.

* Please note. We (composers and music publisher) are a member of the German copyright collecting society GEMA. The performance right and the production right are managed by the GEMA. Therefore, the authors and the publisher must always be named in all credits. Any possible fees to the collecting society must be paid by the person who carries out or reproduces a performance. These are not included in these syn rights.

Here you can find the full License Terms.